Temple Moor High School Science College is an organisation that is constantly looking at new ways of working to bring about improved outcomes for all our young people. This continuous process of development and improvement has led us to consider carefully how we can best communicate with all our stakeholders, young people, parents/carers, governors and the wider community. This new website seeks to provide a single ‘portal’ for all information about the school and incorporates a facility to be able to gather views on how successful we are being in delivering the ‘children’s services’ we are responsible for. The website aims to be more than a source of information but an interactive tool to support learning for the individual and for the institution.

This website will be working effectively when it is:

  • Providing key information to parents/carers where and when they need it
  • Engaging a significant number of people in a dialogue about improvement
  • Supporting young people in their learning
  • Strengthening the home school partnership
  • Supporting the work of the Governing Body
  • Providing a starting point for all our learning needs

I hope that along the way we will ensure that the site is attractive, up to date and easy to navigate making it much more likely that you will come back!

Richard Sheriff,  Headteacher